Tasting Gin | Tanqueray

I’ve noticed a rather prominent outdoor campaign across the bus shelters of Sydney for Tanqueray recently. I think they missed a trick promoting their regular gin, which is a solid mid-priced offering, rather than the premium Tanqueray Ten (or Tanq 10 as the cool kids say). I would have thought the trickle down from promoting the prestige label would be more effective, but I’m not a gin seller! The tag line is Tonight we Tanqueray and features black and white photos of attractive people, I suspect they are somewhat famous and brand ambassadors, but I don’t recognize them.

Anyway, the regular label was on special for $40 at Woolworths Liquor this week so I was persuaded to forgo Bombay Sapphire and restock with Tanqueray.

It’s a solid gin, hmmm, I’ve said that twice now, but that’s what it is. No fireworks or interesting notes. It’s soft on the palate with strong citrus and spice notes along with juniper. It doesn’t feature floral or herby flavours distinctly or identifiably.

Mixed with tonic, it’s a solid gin and tonic (see what I did there?). It’s very refreshing, but any subtlety of flavor is drowned in the tonic. All that’s left is juniper and tonic water.

Tanqueray is an inoffensive mid-priced gin, but given it usually sets you back roughly the same as Bombay Sapphire, I’d be going with the blue bottle every time.

What do you think of Tanqueray’s regular label?


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