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Mixing Gin | The James Bond dilemma

When you order a martini do you ask for it shaken or stirred?

Many people will tell you there is a definitive answer and call you a philistine if you disagree, and maybe they are right, but tosh to them, drink it how you like!

How do I like a martini? Stirred and filthy dirty. I’ve heard people say you should stir a martini because shaking it bruises the juniper in the gin. Maybe it does, but it sounds a bit princess and the pea to me. What you do notice is that the ice breaks into smaller chips and waters down the martini when you shake the cocktail. I prefer the strong hit of a stirred martini, but if you prefer a lighter, shaken martini go for it! And don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing wrong.

This is how I like my classic martini:

45mL gin, any good gin, my preferred is Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick’s
Splash of dry vermouth
4 Sicilian green olives
2-3 teaspoons of brine from the olives
Handful of ice cubes

Put the ice cubes and vermouth in the cocktail shaker, swirl the vermouth around and pour off the excess. Add the gin and brine a spoonful and a time, taste as you go, it’s very salty. Stir and strain into a chilled martini glass, garish with the olives and drink!


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